#32 The Awakened Ape – Practical Health and Happiness

For many people the modern way of life leads to stress, anxiety and obesity. This is due to an evolutionary mismatch – we don’t live in sync with our genes. By re-adopting some key elements of the ancestral lifestyle we can get healthier, happier and rid ourselves of stress. This is the topic of “The Awakened Ape” by Jevan Pradas, which we talk about in this episode.


00:30 Intro The Awakened Ape by Jevan Pradas

02:00 Updating our view on happiness

03:00 How Sapiens came to be and are, Evolution & Biochemistry

04:00 Ancestral life vs Modern life

06:00 Health and Happiness, now and then

07:40 Biohacking

09:00 Mimicking ancestral living is a heuristic, we have to remember that

10:00 Gratitude Now vs Then

10:30 Biochemistry >Happiness & Health

11:00 Sleep, Practical tips, Being in Nature and Science

13:45 Diet, Paleo, Abstinence & Addictions

18:30 Enjoying exercise, Variation, Posture & Volume

24:10 Mental strength, Practices of meditation, Psychedelics, Meaning, Free Will & Practical Tips for Mindfulness

37:30 Merging Meditation with Paleolithic Lifestyle >Health & Happiness

37:45 Seize the moment


33:20 – Factor 2.9 #8, How Emotions Are Made (in Swedish)

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