#29 Brain Plasticity & our Powerful Unconscious with Ginger Campbell, MD

In this episode we speak to Ginger Campbell, MD, long time host of the acclaimed Brain Science podcast, we discuss the difference between the subconscious and the unconscious, whether we can really claim to have a free will and how to address the fact that we tend to be certain about things even when we are actually wrong.

00:50 Brief Intro of Dr. Ginger Campbell and the Brain Science Podcast.

2:30 How Ginger got where she is today.

4:05 The most common misconception about the brain

5:35 What piece of knowledge about the brain would have the greatest impact if people knew about it?

7:00 What is the difference between the subconscious and the unconscious?

10:05 How come we can identify threats on an unconscious level?

13:05 How come we as humans have evolved to need a lot of sleep at the same time as our survival rate as as species must improve if we manage to be alert even at night?

14:05 Since we aren’t conscious of what determines a lot of our actions, could you say we have a free will?

17:15 Which field of study would be better to start with for a beginner who wants to learn how the brain works?

21:40 The fact that we are often certain of things even when we are wrong… How can we get closer to the truth when we’re sure we’re already right?

25:45 When two people with opposing perceptions of what’s true are very certain they’re right, how can they overcome that obstacle and move ahead?

29:05 How can we learn new skills more efficiently?

30:30 Why everyone should know the basics of neuroscience.

31:25 What would be your recommendation for young people just getting into the study of the brain?

33:50 Broaden your horizons and acquire knowledge across different fields.


24:30 Daniel Kahneman – Thinking Fast and Slow

33:25 BrainSciencePodcast.com

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