#28 Endure – Push your limits

We know that the ability to “put one foot in front of the other”, to push yourself even when everything in your system tells you to stop, is essential to becoming a top performer in any field. But what makes some people better than other at doing that? Is there anything you can do to develop that skill? We give you the answers to these questions along with practical tips for pushing your limits both mentally and physically in our discussion about Alex Hutchinson’s “Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance”.

Time stamps:
0:45 Endure by Alex Hutchinson – brief intro
1:35 What is endurance?
3:00 Psychology + physiology + synergy = endurance
3:30 The central governor
6:35 Self-talk and changing the perspective
10:00 Pacing – economizing your recources according to your self-belief
11:50 Mindfulness – being aware of your thoughts and reactions
13:30 Willpower and response inhibition
17:30 Positive affirmations
18:30 Visualization/dreaming and constraint relaxation
20:00 Training is the cake and believing is the icing
21:30 Caffeine
22:15 Energy drinks with fast carbs
23:50 The master switch of life
26:35 Drink when thirsty, not according to a pre-defined plan
28:50 Transcranial direct current stimulation
30:10 Optimizing the diet
32:10 Variation is good but focus should be on your main goal
33:35 Listen to your body, not every method will be for you
36:20 Thanks & bye!

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