#27 Blink – Develop your Intuition

We make snap judgments and assess situations in the blink of an eye – sometimes this is the best way to do it, but sometimes it is not. In episode 27 about Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” we discuss the science behind snap judgments, what intuition is and how to avoid letting prejudice get the better of our subconscious mind. We also give practical tips for making better decisions by choosing when and where to make them.

Time stamps:
1:00 Blink by Malcolm Gladwell – brief intro
2:15 The role of the subconscious mind in our lives
5:50 The subconscious in the face of new or complex situations
7:05 About homeostatis
8:15 Subconsciousness overload
9:05 How to avoid putting others in a state of subconsciousness overload
10:00 Expert level knowledge helps make the subconscious conscious
11:30 If there is no such thing as the free will, how do we cope?
12:30 Everyone can be (almost) an expert
12:45 For decision-making, less information is often better than more
15:35 Make sure the data you use is relevant
18:30 Don’t multitask, at least not between cognitively demanding tasks
20:00 Tip: Read books! It develops lateral knowledge
21:00 Priming
23:30 “Temporary autism”
26:00 Preconceived notions and their influence via the subconscious mind
27:30 How to mitigate subconscious prejudices
31:10 First impressions are influenced by our priming factors
32:05 If possible avoid making important decisions under stress
32:40 Some objections to the scientific foundation of the book
36:50 Thanks & until next time

29:15 The implicit associations test

35:35 How Emotions are Made

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