#23 Crypto Voices – Bitcoin, blockchain and the next 100 years

In this debut episode of Factor 2.9 in English we speak to Matthew Mezinskis, one of two hosts of the renowned podcast Crypto Voices. Starting at a basic level, Matthew explains what is – and what is not – special about Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Anyone who wants to gain an understanding of these two potentially disruptive phenomena should listen to Matthew’s take on the future for cryptos.

00:00 Factor 2.9 English debut!

3:05 Welcome Matthew Mezinskis of Crypto Voices
4:00 About Crypto Voices
9:00 What is a cryptocurrency?
16:10 Why will Bitcoin outperform other cryptos?
20:00 Will Bitcoin become a popular medium of exchange?
23:00 The size of the Bitcoin blockchain
27:55 Will it become easier in the coming years to invest in Bitcoin?
36:10 About Charlie Munger’s comment “trading Bitcoin is like trading freshly harvested baby brains”.
42:35 How will blockchain technology affect society?
55:30 What is the most important lesson to remember about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and/or blockchain?
59:25 End of interview

1:01:15 Thanks & bye!

36:10 Munger’s comment

58:45 Cryptovoices.com

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