Are you tired of putting in the hard work without getting the results you were expecting? Factor 2.9 wants to help you learn, grow and evolve in the true sense of the words! Aiming to see reality for what it is, David (son, 18 yrs) and Magnus (father, 49 yrs) discuss important books and speak to insightful people who have already produced important results in an interesting field. Feel free to listen in and join us on the journey to learn, grow and evolve by a Factor of 2.9.


"This is among the best I've heard in a long time. Brilliant podcast, better general education is hard to come by, and with pleasant voices!"
"Interesting and educating subjects put in context and made easy to understand. Father and son making the podcast together makes it unique in its own way, because on top of the facts, they provide listeners with their own experiences to analyze the subject at hand. It’s great that they always have the scientific method in mind, timestamps for navigation and refer to many relevant sources."